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The Names of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

by BHCOMadmin

Do you need a broader understanding of who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are? You can use this list to understand who they are using it to worship and praise them like never before! NAMES OF GOD FATHER A FAITHFUL GOD WHO DOES NO WRONG A FORGIVING GOD A FORTRESS OF SALVATION A GLORIOUS […]

Breakfast of Champions Daily Prayer Guide Expanded

by BHCOMadmin

The Breakfast of Champions 1. Tell God you are glad “He” is your heavenly Father: Lord, I am thankful that you are my heavenly Father. Matt. 5:43-48 Matt. 6:1-4 14-15, 25-34 Luke 6: 35-36 John 14:23 Gal. 4:4-7, Jesus, I am thankful that You are my Savior. Ps. 18:2 Holy Spirit, I am thankful that […]

Prayer for Your Church

by BHCOMadmin

FOUR AREAS TO PRAY FOR THE CHURCH Do You want your church to grow in the miraculous and wondrous power of God’s Grace?   Throughout Scripture, God repeatedly invites his people to pray to him in all kinds of circumstances for all kinds of reasons. God especially delights in his people praying for the church. So how […]

One Word That Will Change Your Life

by pastorjim

THE POWER OF ONE WORD… JANUARY 2020 New Year’s Resolutions don’t work! 50% of resolution-makers fail by the end of January and 9 out of 10 quit by March! So instead of resolutions, get One Word for the year…but be careful! It might just change you. If you have the “get-it-done” mindset like we do, you’ve […]

Four Weeks Of Prayers For Your Area And Church

by BHCOMadmin

FOUR WEEKS OF PRAYERS FOR YOUR AREA AND CHURCH Week One: Our Area Thank you, Father, that You are restoring the leaders in our area into leaders of truth and honesty and Christian purity. We pray for the cities in our area to be RIGHTEOUS and FAITHFUL cities. Father We are praying for and SEEKING […]